POWERCHINA HUADONG ENGINEERING CORPORATION LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “POWERCHINA HUADONG”) is a state-owned key enterprise affiliated to the world’s Top 500 enterprises, Power Construction Corporation of China (hereinafter referred to as “POWERCHINA”). The dam safety supervision center of the national energy administration is also located in the POWERCHINA HUADONG. POWERCHINA HUADONG holds the highest level certificates in the field of engineering construction, such as engineering comprehensive grade A, engineering survey comprehensive class A, engineering consulting class A, etc., and has been listed in the Top 60 (top 20 in recently years) Chinese Design Firms jointly compiled and published by Engineering News-Record (ENR) of USA McGraw Hill Construction and Construction Times for consecutive years since 2006. POWERCHINA HUADONG is one of the key high-tech enterprises in the national Torch Program, as well as a demonstration enterprise of national informatization and industrialization.

Zhejiang Huadong Engineering Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the “HUADONG Digital Co.,Ltd.”)is a wholly owned subsidiary of the POWERCHINA HUADONG, providing products and services with professional information management and digital engineering technology. It is the first enterprise to carry out the research on 3-D digital collaborative design, integration of design and construction, and lifecycle management plan. It is also the most powerful professional enterprise engaged in the whole process of construction with 3-D digital technology research and development among the POWERCHINA. The company has “Zhejiang Province Engineering Digital Technology Research Center” (Provincial Key Laboratory), “ECIDI-BENTLEY China engineering design software research center”, “ECIDI-BENTLEY BIM engineering Advancement Academy” and other research and training institutions.

Products and Solutions

In the transition from the enterprise informatization to the information-based enterprise, three solutions have been developed by HUADONG Digital Co.,Ltd.: the integrated enterprise information management, engineering project management and project site management. At the same time, we have completed the interconnection between the enterprise management data and project management data in an effective application. Requirements has been realized that the integrated management of engineering enterprise and integration control of project management.

Based on the idea” one platform, one model, one data structure”, we constructed the 3-D digital collaborative design platform, 3-D digital design and construction integrative management platform, and 3-D digital lifecycle management platform, which cover the three stages in an engineering project --survey design, construction, and operation management. All of these provide a full range of technical support for refined management and control in 3-D digital design, construction, and operation process.

With a 17 years’ experience on research and application of informatization and digitalization, the achievements of HUADONG Digital Co.,Ltd. have been applied on BAI HE TAN Hydropower Station, JinPing II Hydropower Station, Xianju pumped storage and 100 more other projects in areas such as Water conservancy and hydropower, civil engineering, municipal transportation, wind power project, etc. The scale of hydropower and new energy engineering projects is more than 70 million kilowatts, with a total investment of over 420 billion yuan, and a civil construction area that is more than 400 thousand ㎡。 We can provide enterprise information consulting service for customers of hydropower, new energy, water conservancy, municipal, rail transportation, water supply, water environment, and 3-D digital technique consulting service that covering the whole process of engineering.

Scientific Research Institutions

Zhejiang Province Engineering Digital Technology Research Center

Zhejiang Province Engineering Digital Technology Research Center was established by the people's Government of Zhejiang Province in 2012. It is a provincial engineering technology center (Key purchasing laboratory). Research Center, relying on the powerful resources of POWERCHINA HUADONG in survey and design technical field or infrastructure construction field and 3-D digital technology R&D capabilities(of HUADONG Digital Co.,Ltd.), customized revision professionals engaged in various projects of infrastructure planning, survey and design, digital construction and basic research on digital operation management and custom version of related domestic technical standards ; so far it is the only provincial research institution engaged in digital technology research project in domestic. The research center is equipped with an engineering research group, covering the Integration technology of engineering design and construction, technology of 3-D digital design, technology of life cycle management, and a Laboratory with technique of equipment for engineering digitization; the research center is equipped with cloud computing, disaster recovery system, 3-D laser scanner, multi speed underwater measurement system, UAV, and many other high technology equipment. The center has nearly 150 researchers, 98% bachelor degree or above. The research center is an open body. By the end of 2016, dozens of enterprise users had conducted technical exchange and joint research.

The research achievements completed in the research center include: 3-D digital design platform for water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering,integrated management platform for engineering design and construction, project lifecycle management platform. Meanwhile, the 3-D digital design platform of hydropower and water conservancy project informatization achievements won the first prize of Science and Technology ProgressAward in Zhejiang Province, National Excellent Informatization Power Industry Award, the National Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Software Gold Award honor, etc. The research center is responsible for editing the national energy industry standard, “the technical specification for 3-D geological modeling of hydropower project”, which will be published soon; it is also currently in charge of compiling the national standard " data transfer standard of power engineering (hydraulic power generation part)". Achievements of research Center have been extended to the water conservancy and electric power civil engineering,transportation,metallurgy,currency administration ports, nuclear power and other industries; research center also bears the construction research of wisdom hydropower projects and digital power stations, which belong to the Datang Group, State Grid Xin Yuan Co., Ltd., Guodian Dadu River hydropower development company, SDIC group Yabi River Hydropower Development Company, and has made excellent achievements.


ECIDI-BENTLEY BIM Engineering Advancement Academy

ECIDI-BENTLEY BIM engineering Advancement Academy (hereinafter referred to as the “BIM Engineering Advancement Academy”) was jointly formed by POWERCHINA HUADONG and BENTLEY SYSTEMS, Inc., the famous America software company. BIM engineering Advancement Academy works on carrying out BIM solutions and product promotions, mainly for industry associations, government departments and engineering related enterprises, as well as personnel training certification of 3-D digital technology for engineering.


ECIDI-BENTLEY China Engineering Design Software Research Center

ECIDI-BENTLEY China Engineering Design Software Research Center is established by POWERCHINA HUADONG in association with BENTLEY SYSTEMS, Inc., in Nov. 2009,and POWER HUADONG undertakes the executive work. The research center consists of Executive Council, academic committee and joint R&D laboratory. At the same time, the R&D center implements the membership system, so as to accept other enterprises and institutions as members and participate in the research and development work.

Based on the extensive engineering experience of POWERCHINA HUADONG, software technique of the Bentley, features of China's survey and design industry and other engineering fields, and the membership enterprises, the research center would be a first class level high-tech R&D center with engineering digital solutions, R&D on 3-d design software, system integration and digital project implementation capabilities.